Workshop title: WATERCOLOURS
Workshop leader: Duga Bobanović Sikirica
Content: Painting with pigments and water was present as early as Stone Age. Some Egyptian manuscripts were written using this technique, while its usage for writing and illustrating books was quite widespread in the Middle Ages. However, watercolour painting, as we know it today, started with the Renaissance.
„Watercolours“ workshop is going to provide an overview of this technique through the history of art, but its primary goal is to acquaint the participants with the basics of mixing and applying pigment, that is, colour. Through painting from observation and painting without a model, participants will be encouraged to discover their creativity and hone their perceptive skills, as well as to develop critical observation of works of art.
Besides watercolours, participants will also use egg tempera.
Number of participants: 8-10 max.
Workshop start: August 11, 2013
Workshop hours: 9 AM – 1 PM
Contact: Duga Bobanović Sikirica 091 37 31 562,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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