Rust Proportions Project

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Mentors: Lab 43 for Print (ITA)
Number of participants: 5
Language: English

Rust Proportions Project

For the participation in the 7 Days of Creation Festival, the Lab 43 For Print would like to take the chance to experiment the printing process with the people involved in the workshop, integrating the local cultural history by relating a research on the medieval typographic production once productive in locality of Roč.

The idea its to bring out the medieval alphabets and use them as information to start an experimentation of etched and rusted iron plates. The rust in iron is natural and is part of the living process of the metal, it is the deterioration of the material itself, so work with this condition of degradation will make every print different, every print will change in some way, more or less, day by day and from print to print: this will be the time being printed.

The research is about of time and history.

The people participating in the workshop is invited to experiment and reflect about these arguments, in relation to the proportions of the letters in the historical alphabets of the Roč olden typographic production, as a starting point. The mutation of these proportions in time makes us create and revisit our contemporary moment of living, so the arguments can evolve along with the rust and printing process.

Apply by July 20

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