Šenji II

Workshop title: ŠENJI II
Workshop leader: Valter Černeka
Workshop co-leaders: Vanessa Milan, Tiziano Ciao from Lab43 Forte Marghera-Venezia
Content: To enter our temporary graphic laboratory is to enter a work of art, a vision. To tread that space means to possess self-awareness, ease in finding one's way and a minimal dose of autonomy.
The process of creation is a continuous exploration. In this case a particular space (laboratory) is the medium and time (seven days) our constant ally.
Here, printmaking is not a dogmatic, stereotyped product but an ideological suggestion. As a contemporary language of visual arts it requires intimacy and complete abandonment of oneself.
Vision, autonomy and abandonment direct this workshop to higher emotional forces where technique is in the function of its own content, in relation to a broader social and cultural context. Time and space give way to a narrative spirit, which is well aware of where it comes from and enriches variety and communication through its clear attitude.
Intaglio workshop disconnects us for a moment from common sense (when creativity is concerned) by encompassing different printing activities: expert, scientific and exploratory. The entire process signifies the art of reproduction, print and different solutions to printing drawings on paper or other material, in a number of copies from a specific matrix. An important characteristic of the process is that no toxic solvents or harmful acids are used, while colours are water based and have exceptional technical properties.
The mode of setting up the final exhibition has a language of its own and a specific structure, both of which are not neglected.
Workshop product: souvenir shop, affordable vedutas of Pazin, map of prints, exhibition
Number of participants: 8 max.
Workshop start: August 11, 2013
Workshop presentation: August 17, 2013
Applications: Since the workshop is designed for a limited number of participants, all interested individuals are invited to send a couple of photographs of their own work, regardless of type -  in any technique, shape, material; thoughts, text, …
Contact: Valter Černeka 0981819012, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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