Idea and concept

The need to create is present in all of us. We perceive it as a custom, habit, internal attitude, the way of looking at things and approaching them. The basic idea which moves us is that, by learning about our internal source, we can create exceptional things outside of us.

7ds (7dc) – „Seven days of creation“ is truly a work space, a platform which, through production and education, provides the infrastructure for collaborative work and the possibility to present the final product in the very same community where it has been created, and beyond. The originators of the idea were David Belas and Alenka Krivičić Jedrejčić, who, influenced by their education and experience, had the need to come up with a project oriented toward creation rather than consumption of art and creativity.

The discourse was joined immediately by Klara Galant Ardalić, Toni Erdfeld and Robert Rudan, who contributed to the foundations of 7ds with their specific experiences. Friendship, volunteering and the creation of principles and criteria make 7ds what it is today. It is a conversation that has been going on for 10 years with unchanged intensity.

The mission of 7ds is to provide the structure for interdisciplinary activities and for the creation of an international educational environment which combines different forms and ways of artistic and creative expression.

The vision of 7ds in the future is the image of an open modern platform in the role of a creative arts and education institution for all generations, independent of other programmes and needs. This institution of 7ds will contribute to enriching the cultural life of individuals in their community through providing opportunities for authentic artistic creativity.

It is important to us that, within our capacities, every participant in the 7ds project is offered the opportunity to experience himself or herself as a competent, creative, responsible person who can communicate with others. It could be said that such an approach emphasises: direct contact, active experimenting, responsibility for oneself and one's own actions and becoming self-aware in the here and now.



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