FRANKENSTEIN - nonverbal theatre – acrobalance – contact-juggling


TITLE: FRANKENSTEIN - nonverbal theatre – acrobalance – contact-juggling

WORKSHOP LEADERS: Andrea Rašpolić, Aleksandar Đikić, Ana Fazekaš

CONTENT: The workshop is intended for five to ten participants, who will be introduced to the basics of nonverbal theatre, acrobalance and possibly contact-juggling in order to stage the classical story of Frankenstein using these performance techniques.
During morning practices (cca 8-12 h), participants will go through extensive stretching and exercises from the field of physical theatre (led by Andrea Rašpolić) and acrobalance (led by Aleksandar Đikić). After the lunch break (cca 15:30 – 18:30) several hours will be dedicated to combining the acquired skills in the construction of the play with the guidance of Ana Fazekaš. The three teachers, bringing a different set of competences and perspectives, are entering the workshop as a synchronized, beforehand organized group which will ensure a dynamic and multilateral work experience, upgrading and supplementing each other’s work in a way that will not wear down the participants. Contact-juggling will be imported in case some of the participants already have basic knowledge in the field or show great interest in it.
The well-known story of Frankenstein is taken as a basic plot, which will be transformed into a short play without using the actual text, but using exclusively the performers’ bodies. Their bodies will shape the stage and their movement will evolve from seemingly unarticulated movements to very precise and intriguing forms. There will be no precise casting because participants will function as a single organism from which individuals will at moments segregate and come back together.
The story of Frankenstein goes hand in hand with the concept of Seven days of creation festival, because it reflects on the monstrous aspect of creation (art), following a creature thrown cruelly in this world, in search of identity and shelter, only to tragically find it in a symbiotic relationship with its maker. An addictive and obsessive relationship of love and hate, continuous construction and destruction, responsibility and obligation – that is in the heart of every great act of creation.

To take part in the workshop, participants must be in acceptable physical shape.

PRODUCT: A performance that will be shown in the final evening of the festival
PRESENTATION: 15.08.2015.
CONTACT: Andrea Rašpolić - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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