Documentary experiment

Workshop leaders: Morana Komljenović, Željka Kovačević and Lovro Čepelak
Workshop content: The workshop is a continuation of the programme which has been carried out for a number of years by Fade In studio from Zagreb as part of Seven Days of Creation festival. It combines documentary and experimental approaches, offering a new approach to creating and using a media product, as well as to a better understanding of the audiovisual medium. A product, which will address our reality in an innovative way, will be created through analysis and deconstruction of documentary record. Fade In is most famous for its youth documentary series Direct (for HTV – Croatian TV), documentary movies „Oblak“, „Gabriel“, „Bosanoga“ and „Gangster te voli“. The studio has been recognized thrice for the best Croatian production at Days of Croatian Film (in 2003, 2007 and 2012).
The workshop has been organized in cooperation with Fade In and supported by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development.
Workshop product: VIDEO up to 30 minutes of duration
Number of participants: two with application (the prerequisites for applying are knowledge of camera use and digital montage basics – Premiere and / or Final Cut Pro), up to four participants – with invitation!
Workshop start: August 11, 2013
Contact: Morana Komljenović 0913233001,

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