7ds workshops 2017

14th Seven Days of Creation Festival

Pazin, Croatia



7ds workshops are held in Pazin, Central Istria, Croatia and last from August 13-19, 2017. Participants actively work during the seven days with their mentors and alone. The end product is exhibited on the last day of the festival at the multimedial happening Just made in Pazin Castle.

During those seven days participants can take part in public discussions, lectures, presentations, video nights, performances, exhibitions and music events. All of these events will be attended by many interesting guests.


Open workshops:

1. Analog photography - colour collages - Mentor: Sven Stilinovic 
2. Pazin Scrapbook - direct print workshop - Mentor: Sabina Damiani
3. Literary-performative workshop - Mentors: Neva Lukic i Josipa Bubaš
4. Psychology and art - Mentor: Goran Poropat


Participation fee

Accommodation and food are partly subsidized by the project and partly through your participation fees, which can be paid directly at the Festival or to the „Veliki mali covjek“ association's transfer account. Account information: Erste bank (IBAN) HR1524020061100411893

Participants pay 500 HRK of participation fees, which covers the expenses of the workshop, festival t-shirt, accommodation and lunch for the entire duration of the workshops.

Participants who have made private arrangements for accommodation and food pay 250 HRK for the workshops.

Participants who are active volunteers in the organization of the project may be fully or partially exempt from payment. Individual participants applying for volunteer positions should contact the organisation to make arrangements concerning exemption from payment.



Participants will fill out the application form by August 5, 2017. Optionally, the application form may be e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (titled „Workshop application“). Anyone can apply. By applying to a workshop you confirm that you are free to attend the festival and the workshop in the announced period.

If the number of applicants for a workshop exceeds its capacity, time of application, motivation and qualifications of the applicants (if required) will be taken into consideration. All applications submitted past deadline will be considered only if the specific workshop has not been fully booked.

Contact: +385 98 186 4539 Dora | +385 95 907 9782 David

In case you wish to withdraw your application, please notify the contact person immediately, so that other applicants can take your place.

Invite-only workshops (residencies):

1. Trevor Brown Music Composition Workshop

2. 7ds-residency - performance workshop

3. Jelena Lovrec (One square meter of culture) 

Invite-only workshop are not open to participants.



7ds Workshop Experience

Workshop participants go through an active, experience-based work process prepared and directed by the workshop leader. A special element of 7ds workshops is the possibility to interact with different workshops as well as individual participants of the Festival, which results in a dynamic platform for an exchange of experiences and development of ideas. In the end, specific media are chosen by the workshops to express what has been learnt and created, in front of an audience. Thus, every year, the production of all the workshops is presented during a special promotional night within the Festival.

Over the years we have developed a special concept regarding the organisation and execution of the workshops. They require intense work, most often during consecutive seven days of the Festival. The participants are encouraged to attend the evening programmes prepared for them, which offer presentations of established authors, lectures and quality entertainment. In this way, the participants of all the workshops receive a mutual input, which produces the effect of a community of motivated individuals. This community is focused on the process of creation, which mainly results in strong, positive learning experiences and experience exchange, enrichment and empowerment – something which our participants are always glad to testify. Moreover, the workshops result in different products: video material, performance and exhibitions, all open for the public. From this perspective it is clear that the „Seven days of creation“ festival is a true producer of culture.


The 7ds world of creative freedom inhabited by strange creatures can be found in the heart of the magical Istrian peninsula / Croatia. Here, year after year, young and affirmed authors flock together to share their work and ideas with other like-minded individuals.

Join us from August 12 to 18!