Program 2016

Seven Days of Creation Festival
14 - 20th August 2016
Castle & buffet Bunker

Sunday, 14.08.2016.

We meet again

8pm Gallery
Dajana Jurman – Osip: I am you. Exhibition.
What do scanned plants and people have in common?

9pm Castle

Alessandro Martinello (ITA): New forms of identity. Interactive video installation.

Exploring identity in pairs.

10pm Castle

Ivan Tripar: Ignotus. Film.
Setting: outside. Experience: inside.

10:30 pm Castle

Concert: Barbari

Midnight Castle
DJ Osobna

Monday, 15.08.2016.

We’ll talk about it on Monday

8pm Castle

Neva Lukić: Shadows of the seeds. Book.
Reading poetry under the stars.

9pm Castle

Group 233+3 (sponsored by Nemerik association): For God’s sake Mr. Drink, be quiet! Theatrical performance.

A man is an island. What happens when he realises that he’s on a peninsula?

10:30 pm Castle

Maya Petrovna (UK): Love songs from the violent paradise. Solo show.

Surrealistic opera performance with original music.

11:30pm Castle
DJ Itto

Tuesday, 16.08.2016.

Almost ethno

Max Reid (CHL): Art exposed. Exhibition around the town.
Traditionally produced graphic handworks exposed to the elements, space and people.

11am-1pm, 3-5pm buffet Bunker

Darko Brajković Đepeto Njapo: Pazin of my childhood. Conversation.
We talk about Pazin. An exhibition on Saturday will show us what we talked about.

9 pm Castle

Elvis Lenić: 9th january. Documentary.

Remembering a morning in Bokordići in 1944.

10 pm Castle
Goran Farkaš (mih, violin, tambura) &  Myriam de Bonte (diatonic accordion). Mih&me. Music performance.

11 pm Castle
DJ Henry

Srijeda 17.08.2016.
We’re in Bunker

11am -1pm, 3-5pm buffet Bunker

Darko Brajković Đepeto Njapo: Pazin of my childhood. Conversation.
We talk about Pazin. An exhibition on Saturday will show us what we talked about.

from 9pm Bunker

Concert: Tamas Guna

Vanja Zaimović and the electric guitar.

Concert: Šćofrnac
Profesor Drago Karan, Sebo The Goldfish i General Brus Batina

Concert and exhibition: Ilija Ludvig (SRB)

DJ Stephanie Prekali

Thursday, 18.08.2016.


9 pm Castle

Željko Bobanović: Name of theExhibition. Exhibition

A public display of works of art

Pino Josip Ivančić: What? Performance.

Whatever, we’ll talk about it, we’re people.

10 pm Castle

Dalibor Barić i Tomislav Babić:Unknown Energies, Unidentified Feelings. Experimental film.

11 pm Castle
Concert: Dusha Connection feat. Alena Baich & Trevor Brown

Modern jazz inspired by Balkan. Are you In the Mood for Merak?

Friday, 19.08.2016.
Easy Friday

8 pm Bunker

Doris Pandžić: See more… Book. Moderator: Davor Šišović.

9 pm Bunker

Concert: Domski Band

11 pm Bunker
Bunker sessions

Saturday, 20.08.2016

Just made

8 pm Castle

Halitus – experimental film workshop, Kinoklub Zagreb
ILA – ceramics workshop, mentor Henry Marić

Photo-laboratory – photography workshop, mentor Sven Stilinović

7 days of composition – music workshop, mentor Trevor Brown

Preparation– monograph workshop, mentors Tajana Reznić Brenko i Barbara Galant

Surrealism or not - fear of the open space – theatre/sculpture workshop, mentors:Valter Černeka, David Belas, Vesna Stilinović, Šandor Slacki, Renata Kaurin et al

11 pm Castle

DJ Filip Motovunski & guests

The 7ds world of creative freedom inhabited by strange creatures can be found in the heart of the magical Istrian peninsula / Croatia. Here, year after year, young and affirmed authors flock together to share their work and ideas with other like-minded individuals.

Join us from August 12 to 18!