7ds PROGRAM 2014

11 years of 7dc – Seven Days of Creation

7DC provides the structure for interdisciplinary activities and the creation of an international educational environment which combines different forms and ways of artistic and creative expression. The seven days of heterotopic coexistence of the workshop participants, audience, residents and staff result in a festival atmosphere and creative ambient enriched daily by an intriguing evening programme.


•    see Ana Valter’s exhibition AND THERE WAS LIGHT?, a sculptural installation at the Association of Visual Artists Pazin gallery, Mon – Sat 10-12h and 16-18h
•    receive all festival information at the festival club BUNKER, Mon – Thur 08-23h

Sunday, 10 August 2014 – official opening

20:00h Association of Visual Artists Pazin gallery
•    Ana Valter, AND THERE WAS LIGHT?, sculptural installation “On an antique lamp and its plug, a little on electricity…”
Opening the exhibition is Ana Rumak.

•    Band Brkač, Music against prejudice, concert
The music therapy programme of the Adult Foster Care Home Brkač gathers singers and musicians who are mostly users of the Home. Together with the Home’s employees, they will show what they can do…

•    group of authors, PREPARATION, monographic exhibition
22:00 h Castle, Rotonda
•    Presentation of the 7dc 2004-2013 monograph concept

23:00 h Castle
•    Musical performance JOKE, Paris
Party rock music from France that we love!
•    DJ 7ds

Monday, 11 August 2014 - PJAT more bit anke za PENSAT

19:00 h Buffet Bunker
•    Maja Klarić, “Quinta Pitanga”, presentation of travelogue poetry with Brazilian cocktails. Promotion of the second collection of unusually titled travelogue poetry was born in the Brazilian colony Sacatar on the island of Itaparica (opposite of Salvador).

21:00 h Spomen Dom
•    Nataša Kopeč and David Belas, NE, NIŠTA, dobro, play
Sometimes, perhaps always, what hasn’t happened is more important than what we think has happened, or not.

22:30 h Castle
•    Gastro story from Bateline, meditation of a Methuselah, gastroperformance.
Scents can help us understand something a little better, or forget everything else.

23:00 h Castle
•    Musical performance IMpro , Bika Blasko, Ognjen Jovanović, Giacomo Liguori, Marko Čuljak, Veronica Canale, Trevor Brown

Tuesday, 12 August 2014 - ETHNO is as good as raisin bread dipped in rum

20:00 h Buffet Bunker
•    Noel Šuran, 100 kanti. A short lecture on the traditional music of Istria, more precisely on the phenomenon of two-part polyphony of narrow intervals in Istria, with recorded examples on the “110 kanti” CD and a live performance

21:30 h Castle, Rotonda
•    Ivona Orlić, Istria through three generations – between everyday identity construction and tourist product; book presentation

23:00 h Castle
•    Musical performance, istRaNbuL. istRaNbuL is a Slovenian band comprised of many young musicians who choose music representative of Slovenian and foreign roots. By combining and meshing it together they recreate it in a fresh and instrumentally diverse way.
• DJ ETNO PARTY / ethno trance

Wednesday, 13 August 2014 - SREDINA je zlatna (the MIDDLE is golden)

20:00 h Castle
•    Tajči Čekada, Picnic, F to H and Self-portraits - exhibition. Video-performances recorded without an audience, during the performances, never in continuity. Their desired meaning is achieved through subsequent intervention: montage, author music, photography.

21:30 h Kaštel
•    Elvis Lenić, Prolog - film, 7’. “PROLOG” is a short film which can be described as an overture to the greatest and most precious adventure.

•    Helena S. Edgeler, Teserakt / Somnium - film,12’. The fundamental motif of this video is the tesseract, a geometrical shape of the fourth dimension, analog of the three-dimensional cube. The point of interest is not scientific as the emphasis is not on pure mathematical model simulation and demonstration. This video draws on Johaness Kepler’s novella “Somnium / San”.

•    Barbara Babačić, Our new immigrants with rifles – film, 60’. Settlements are expanding and due to armed Jewish immigrants, terror in local Palestinian communities is on the rise. This film aims to deconstruct the stereotypes and prejudiced image of the Palestinian suicide bomber through portraying a subtle ethnic cleansing.

•    Partito Jesus Comunista - project, Couch Guerilla - deep house, electronica and chill out.

23:00 h Castle
•    Musical performance I sognaturi, Veronica Canale and Trevor Brown. A sumptuous collaboration between the Italian singer, accordian player, folklorist and teacher Veronica Canale and Austrian composer, performer and multi-instrumentalist Trevor Brown.

Thursday, 1 August 2014

20:00h Castle
•    Pino Josip Ivančić - škulja za Pina (A hole for Pino). Something will happen.

21:00 h Castle
•    Davorka Tumpić, Service Contract, exhibition. Before us is a completely blank, signed and framed Service Contract. A story of the Croatian worker, stripped of dignity. The workers are forced to sign the blank whiteness… and the whiteness has always spoken more.

21:30 h Castle
•    Že(d)na udaha, play,
Cast: Šandor Slacki, Ana Černjul, Mirjana Ban, Nives Galić; images: Jelena Starčić.
Three women, very different, yet significantly similar, coexist within a small, intimate, closed system. Balancing on the fragile border between rational and emotional, in the feverish expectation of something uncertain, undefined and barely imaginable which could make them free and complete, they verbalize their vulnerability, passive compliance, resistance, (dis)trust, irritation, as well as their victorious, sensual femininity and tragic imperceptibility.

23:00 h Castle
CONCERT Baden Baden

Friday, 15 August 2014 – Let’s leave Istria a little!

20:00 h Castle
•    Vana Gović and Dunja Janković, ŠKVER art project, presentation of an international festival of fringe and experimental art from Mali Lošinj

21:30 h Castle
•    Nikita Val and Migui MandalaSol, Cia. Deformes - LIMITS, play
A personal expression performance which explores the boundaries of the body, offering everyday situations in the conflict of beings whose goal is survival.

23:00 h Castle
CONCERT - L’ABEILLE. Finest musicianship in a multitude of genres: folk, blues rock, country rock, gospel, standard jazz, soul blues and classical evergreens, traditional Anglo-Saxon and Latin music. The founders of this group are professional musicians with experience from home and abroad, guitarist Darko Horvat and vocal Ivana Galić.
• DJ 7ds

Saturday, 16 August 2014 – just made
20:00 h Kaštel
Workshops and Residency production presentation
COMPROMISE, leader Šandor Slacki
ŠENJI IV, leader Valter Černeka
OLD CRAFTS - DIAPOSITIVES, leader Sven Stilinović
INTER-PUNKT, leader Neva Lukić
IMPROVISATION, leader Trevor Brown
7DS ART RESIDENCY, Lea Anić, Luana Lojić, Tin Dožić, Rade Marković
23:00 h Castle
•    surprise CONCERT
• DJ 7ds


The 7ds world of creative freedom inhabited by strange creatures can be found in the heart of the magical Istrian peninsula / Croatia. Here, year after year, young and affirmed authors flock together to share their work and ideas with other like-minded individuals.

Join us from August 12 to 18!