TITLE: 24/7, curatorial workshop


CONTENT: 7 days of creation is a site-specific, time based and framed manifestation. During the 7 days reserved to the creative research and discoveries in collective conditions, the time lapse has a specific role. The activity is connected to here and now. Fluidly passing across different festival formats and activities, ranging from one day exhibitions, work in progress or different evening programs of interdiciplinary type, as a temporary community-publlic, authors, and participants-we participate at the same time in the repoduction, reception and co-creation of art works and wide range of projects.
The workshop 24/7 deals with precisely with the notion of time. Ways of experiencing time in the art system, not necessarily only through projects and deadlines, but questioning how a curatorial projects is dealing with time, or what does it mean when the time is not only an art medium but also a topic, as well as the form of translation. All this will be done in direct relation to the program of the actual Festival.
The participants of this workshop will, during this time,get to know several different positions; the one that listents, reads, communicates, reports, type and time transfers events, as writer, critic, and as well as accurator, that reflects all of this positions, momentarily, in one.

PRODUCT: Several texts in unusual formats and presented in unusual places
PRESENTATION: 15.08.2015.
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Ivana Meštrov is an art historian and independent curator currently employed at the Art History Department of the University of Split as a research assistant. She is one of the co-founders of Loose Associations contemporary art practices (www.slobodneveze.wordpress.com) along with the cultural worker Nataša Bodrožić and visual artist Tonka Maleković. In 2008, she has founded an ongoing curatorial educational program Kustoska platforma, with Mihaela Richter. Some of her recent curatorial projects are linked to the artspace 'School'Gallery, Split, led by the visual artist Neli Ružić. She has curated there the solo exhibitions of Calixto Ramirez, Body, City and Dust, 2015 and Mirjana Batinić, Vertical and Horizontal Delayering, 2015. She was one of the curators of Young Artists Biennial Mediterranea 16-Errors Allowed, Ancona 2013, as well as Eduzgraf programme in the frame of Zgraf 11, international visual communications and graphic design?, 2012. By her art history studies, she has finished a curatorial program Ecole du Magasin, Grenoble, France, as well as participated in many workshops connected to curating and art writing and has written many texts within differents frames (accademic, art...)


The 7ds world of creative freedom inhabited by strange creatures can be found in the heart of the magical Istrian peninsula / Croatia. Here, year after year, young and affirmed authors flock together to share their work and ideas with other like-minded individuals.

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